Terms of service

Last update: 20/07/2020

1. Application description

Knox is a secrets manager for development teams. We operate in SASS mode. The users can create projects with environments and add secrets in those environments. Then they can generate token for themselves and other users. With those tokens, the secrets can be obtained from the server.

2. Technical requirements

To use the application, you need a connection to internet and a modern browser. We guarantee the support on chrome version 80 and up. The other modern browsers should work as well, but we do not support them.

To query the API you need a connection to internet and the ability to make https requests.

3. Domain

The application can be accessed from knox-app.com.

4. Payments

The payments are processed by our payment partner. They accept credit and debit card. The payment will be recurring until you interrupt it. See our pricing page for the details.

5. Termination and cancellation

You can interrupt your subscription at any time without condition. The time you already payed for is acquired and won‘t be reinbursed.

You can also delete your account at any moment.

6. Legal actions

We do not check what you do with our services. When you delete them, we don’t keep a backup. European regulations add a pretty strong layer of legal security around your data. But if the justice asks us to close your account, we do it.

7. SLA

Knox depends too much on other providers to commit to an SLA. That said, Knox application and API are running on a serverless architecture and the load is balanced between AWS lambda and Google functions. We made this choice because we don’t think that we can provide a better service than they do. If they are both down simultaneously, it’s probably world war 3 and you don’t care about your server keys anymore.


You may contact us at the following address:

9, rue du Rhin 75019
Paris, France