Last update: 20/07/2020

1. Personnal data

As long as you stay a free user, the only information we keep about you is your email. We need it to log you in. You can delete your account as soon as you don’t use Knox anymore. We don’t keep anything.

If you become a paying user, our payment partner collect the billing information and keep them. We don’t see or store those informations.

2. Secrets

You come here because you trust us to keep your secrets safe and serve them to you when you, your team and your CI when you need them. The security of your secrets is our top priority. Your data are stored with AWS, in eu-west-3 location. We chose that option because we don’t think that we can be better than them at managing servers and databases to ensure the SLA you deserve.

The database is, of course, encrypted; and the server does not, of course, accept non TLS communication.

You keep the total ownership of all the data we are storing.

3. Job applications and customer support

The job applications and customer support is done by email or live communication. We don’t leak anything unless forced by legal action.

4. Payment details

We don’t store or keep any payment data. Our payment partner will manage it.

5. Cookies

You get two kinds of cookies here. Your access token and google analytics cookie. The first one is necessary to use the application. The second one is important to us. We need to know how you are using the application to improve it over time. Most ad blocker will get rid of thie one.